The New Kids on the Block – a Beer Event at the Handlery

NKOTB21It should be no surprise that I am a big beer fan. Lately I have been invited to cover some beer events and could not be happier. This event was held on Thursday, July 19th and featured more than 12 new San Diego breweries and several great food selections from local chefs, all to benefit a great local charity, Wounded Warrior Homes. Some of the highlight breweries for me were Societe, Hess, Manzanita and Roughdraft. On the food side of the festival the Handlery’s chef and organizer of the event, Karl Prohaska, had the winning dish with Toronado and Slater’s 50/50 right there. This event was a smaller, more accessible event than the main festival held annually. Tickets were limited, the event was held within the hotel grounds, not in the parking lot, breweries and chefs were intermingled with plenty of room to walk around and socialize. I enjoyed the size of this event, I was able to talk to the breweries and chefs more that at the larger event. I had a great time and look forward to the next event put on by the excellent staff at the Handlery Hotel. Make sure to join the Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival Facebook group to keep up to date with upcoming events!

4 thoughts on “The New Kids on the Block – a Beer Event at the Handlery”

  1. I especially liked this post, being an avid beer lover myself. Haven’t ever been to an event quite like this- sounds like heaven.

      1. Looking forward to more in this vein. If you really want to get the envy pumping, give me a detailed scoop on the goodies next time!

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