Chef Karl’s Endless Summer Country Boil

On August 29th I attended a great food event at the Handlery Hotel. For only $25 each person got 3/4 lb Crawfish, 1/2 lb Shrimp, 1/2 lb Andouille Sausage, 1/2 lb red potatos and corn. The Chef, Karl Prohaska, had prepared the boil bags ahead of time and set up a boil while you wait station at the pool. If you haven’t spent anytime at the Handlery, I highly recommend coming out to their weekly pool parties to get a feel for fun side of this hotel. It took about 4 minutes for each bag to boil and each guest to receive their feast. The Chef made a great decision serving the giant meal in a roasting pan, no plate could hope to contain such a bounty. The Old Bay flavor of the boil really came through in the crawfish, shrimp and potatoes. It was far more than all you could eat. The atmosphere at the pool was fun and relaxed, the band grooved while patrons enjoyed their meals and drinks. I had a great night, definitely more fun than Wednesday normally holds. I hope to see you at the upcoming Beer Week events, watch out for a post about my Societe Brewery visit later this month and let me know if there is a beer or food event you think I should attend.

3 thoughts on “Chef Karl’s Endless Summer Country Boil”

  1. Man, your sports posts are clearly a labor of love – but these culinary event posts are where I connect with you best.

    I’ve never been to a boil – never even heard of one. The boil bags are a neat touch. Must have been absolutely delicious.

    Looking forward to your Beer Week posts!

    1. It was seriously great Dan and you’re not alone; posts of this flavor are growing quickly with my readers and who am I to deny them what they want? I have just as much fun covering a beer/food event and that’s what it’s all about for me. Thanks for reading!

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