San Diego Brew Classic

_MG_1687The San Diego Brew Classic was on Sunday, April 7th, inside the Crew Classic, a major rowing regatta.  The Crown Point location was a beautiful place to hold a festival and a rare chance to drink a few beers on the sand.

The event was put on by Citybeat and Karl Strauss, featured several breweries in a nice grass area adjacent to the sand and offered views of the regatta’s home stretch.

Your entry ticket included the customary taster cup, I liked that it was mug shaped, and 10 bottle caps that were your tokens for the tastes. I’m a fan of these smaller events mainly because it gives you a better chance to talk to the brewery people and socialize with those around you.  At times, the bigger festivals can feel like you’re being herded from line to another.

This was a perfect event to get a major advantage for purchasing the VIP ticket.  There were a few breweries that offered a VIP only beer, a relaxing, uncrowded atmosphere and not a single line to speak of.  Later the event got crowded as it was sold out.

_MG_1660Some of the standout beers for me this day included Wreck Alley Stout from Karl Strauss, The burning of Rome from Pizza Port, and my favorite beer of the day, Solis Occasus from Hess.

I encourage you to take part in the ever expanding number of craft beer tastings and festivals our city has to offer and make sure you get out to the 6th annual Citybeat Festival of Beers!