Rear View Review: Pin Up Pale from Mother Earth

Pin Up Pale Ale from Mother EarthRear View Review is a new feature where I review beers weeks after I drink them. The reviews will focus on the lasting impression, or lack there of, a beer has left with me.

The first beer on the hot seat is Pin Up Pale from Mother Earth Brew Co.  When I saw a new beer from these guys I hadn’t heard of yet I was excited to try it out; they make exceptional beers.

On opening there’s a fresh, mild hoppy scent that will please most hop heads.  A medium bodied beer with a well balanced clean and dry finish, I have to say, one bottle was not enough.

Anywhere other than San Diego this would probably be an IPA but here it’s a well formulated pale, highly enjoyable to drink and having an alcohol content low enough that you can have a few.  I’m a huge fan of this beer, I will definitely buy more the next time I see it and recommend you seek it out . Mother Earth did a great job with Pin Up Pale!

They have also been nominated for the Sore Eye Cup for Kismet, a tremendous IPA.  We are very close to the vote down, make sure you nominate your favorite San Diego craft beer if it’s not on the list!

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