Rearview Review: Hop Diggity from Mother Earth

Hop Diggity from Mother EarthNext up in the Rearview Review is Hop Diggity from Mother Earth Brew Co. I have instantly latched on to this brewery, their beers are high quality and I haven’t tried anything from them I didn’t really enjoy.

Hop Diggity is a great big double IPA that delivers what San Diego craft beer drinkers expect and deserve. Bright hop smell upon opening, a well balanced maltiness that leads into a nice earthy middle, finishing clean and crisp. At 8% some might consider this a lighter DIPA but with the big flavors coming out of this bottle you will not miss that percent or two of alcohol.

I had a big string of disappointing DIPAs and TIPAs leading up to my trying Hop Diggity. I am a fan of earthy, fresh hop flavors and for awhile the beers I was trying were overly malty and just a bunch of bitter on the back end. That’s what I get for trying east coast and European beers that don’t produce beers like my hometown breweries do. This beer delivered me from the darkness and welcomed me back home with a giant San Diego style hop hug.

I highly recommend you get out and try this beer for yourself. I found it at Bine & Vine, a great bottle shop in my neighborhood, Normal Heights.  Follow them on twitter to get daily updates on new arrivals.

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