The Sore Eye Cup Finalists

The Sore Eye Cup, an award for San Diego's best craft beer
This is the actual Sore Eye Cup, not a representation

The Sore Eye Cup finals start now. Thank you to everyone that voted! We had over 3000 votes and 4600+ selections. You picked the finalists that move on to a live, blind taste off on July 25th. 10 judges will have the difficult task of choosing a winner of the Sore Eye Cup from these amazing beers. Soon after, we’ll hold a party at the Handlery Hotel and award the cup to the best craft beer in San Diego. The finalists for the Cup are:

Lupulin Lust from Rip Current
Beerucino from Helm’s
Speedway Stout from AleSmith
Pupil from Societe
Sculpin from Ballast Point
Grazias from Hess
Gillespie Brown from Manzanita
Nelson from Alpine
Butcher from Societe
Mongo from Port

Congratulations to all the finalists! More details soon and thank you again!

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