San Diego Skateboarding and BMX Video Roundup

San Diego skateboarding and BMX videos have been flooding in lately, too fast for me to post them all. What I’ve decided to do is make one mega video post of everything I’m stoked on right now coming out of my hometown. Our city is full of amazing talent, here’s some examples:

Starting it off is Christian Rigal. This United BMX pro just got a new signature frame and bars, recovered from a broken leg and hit the streets immediately to film this amazing edit. I’ve never seen a backwards grind that long before!

Next up is Dizm Days with Animal Style. In the 56th video from these guys they put down a great bench session. San Diego skaters ripping it up!

Here’s Albert Mercado dropping an edit on his birthday last week. So many great moves in this video but what got me the stokedest was the nose manual t-bog! I have been waiting to see someone do something other than a bar spin out of at nose manual and Al delivered for an entire industry!

A video from Doeby shows us Brendan Wirkus shredding a few BMX friendly parks in SD. Doeby is a great filmer and tends to hang out with future stars so keep and eye out for Brendan.

Sector 9’s all terrain ripper, Shaun Ross has a full part coming out this Friday, check out a teaser to get your mouth watering.

Falco Baltys was up at Woodward West, check out what he skated all in one day.

Had enough of crazy riding, Wretched Skateboard’s got you covered. They suck so you don’t have to. Actually, you do have to, get out there and suck it up!

Typical Culture brings us their latest episode of Weekend Hype.

Willy Santos was on Weekend Buzz, here’s part one.

Part two:

Grim Crew, a bunch of future BMX stars from the Chula Vista area give us this:

Lahsaan Kobza gives us his first One Bang!

Ronson Lambert is out in New Jersey and gives you this nollie crooked grind trick tip

Steven Drost has one hell of a Shredit Cards. I have no proof this kid is from San Diego but the spots he’s skating are definitely here.

What a week in Youtube! This is just from my subscriptions, I’m sure I’ve missed a few at least. If you’ve seen a video filmed in San Diego or featuring a San Diego rider make sure to @ me in Twitter.

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