San Diego Beer Camp Festival Guide

BeerCamp12I hope everyone is coming to the Beer Camp Across America Festival this Sunday in Embarcadero. This event is going to be huge! Sierra Nevada just sent me this awesome festival guide covering everything you need to know from parking to what breweries will be attending.

They don’t mention me personally but I’ll be there anyways! Download the guide and surf through the waves of lost people like Kelly Slater. No reason to be one of the people walking around like a zombie wondering what to do next. With over 100 breweries expected you need to get in the game, study some film (read the guide), get a plan together, and be ready to take down your opponents (the dazed and confused) like a Team 6 Navy Seal.

Let me know if you’re coming; let’s hang out and have a beer(s)!


Here’s a video to get you hyped!

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