The 3rd Annual Sore Eye Cup Vote Down

The Prestigious Sore Eye Cup
The Prestigious Sore Eye Cup

Welcome to the vote down of the 3rd Annual Sore Eye Cup! The search for San Diego’s best regularly produced craft beer continues and now it’s your turn to voice your opinion. We will honor the winning craft beer with an actual cup (over 64oz capacity)! At the announcement party we’ll fill it up with the winning beer and the winning brewery will drink from the cup right then, as is tradition! The winners can then bask in the glory of victory and have bragging rights for an entire year!

Beers nominated must are brewed here in San Diego County by a recognized brewery. They are beers the brewery makes year round; seasonal, special versions, one offs and casks are not allowed in this contest.

Voting has completed! Thank you to everyone that participated! Due to an unprecedented tie for 10th, we will have 11 finalist beers move on to the judging round!

Ladies and gentleman, your 2015, Sore Eye Cup Finalists!

  • Apprentice by Societe
  • Pupil by Societe
  • Duet by Alpine
  • Pure Hoppiness by Alpine
  • .394 by AleSmith
  • Speedway Stout (first Sore Eye Cup winner) by AleSmith
  • Grapefruit Sculpin by Ballast Point
  • Oatmeal Stout by Benchmark
  • Table Beer by Benchmark
  • Black House by Modern Times
  • 2am Bike Ride by Fall

Congratulations to everyone that made the finals. We’ll be judging the beers very soon!

Join us on August 23rd, 3pm, at Toronado  for the announcement party!




38 thoughts on “The 3rd Annual Sore Eye Cup Vote Down”

    1. Beers were nominated by the public and are still open. Nominations started on June 5th. I accept any beer that is regularly produced by a craft beer brewery in San Diego County. Beers are nominated by sending an email to, or tweeting me (@mkbain), using the #SoreEyeCup hashtag. Feel free to nominate your favorite if you don’t see it on the list!

  1. How can I feel confident that my daily votes are being counted? I don’t want to screw up voting and have my votes not count. This is only my second day voting but both days I chose PB Milk Stout among others. Will those cheating affect my votes? :/

    1. Your votes are definitely being counted. Each vote reports the IP address of your device. Those that are cheating are easily seen when the same IP address shows in the voting records 10 times in a row. By the way, I’m very confident PB Milk Stout will make the finals with the awesome support it has from legitimate voters such as yourself! Cheers!

  2. Why was the Belching Beaver beers that were on here yesterday removed??? Seems like the guy in charge of this site is the one cheating by removing the option to vote for the two beer, hop hwy and Pb stout.

    1. While I respect everyone’s right to have their opinion, I assure you I’m running this contest with the highest ethical standards. The Belching Beaver beers were removed at the request of the brewery. Unfortunately, a few overzealous fans have caused this to happen. Thank you for your participation, and cheers!

        1. Out of respect for the brewery, I’ve disclosed all I will publicly. It’s a bit of a bummer but I’m going to honor their wishes.

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