T.V. Interview About Possible 10 Barrel Brewpub

Here’s the news piece I was part of. You’ll have a chance to voice your concerns (or support) at a planning meeting on February 17th. The project will be presented to the Downtown Community Planning Council, any member of the public can attend and comment. I will definitely be there and it appears the San Diego Brewers Guild will also attend.  The agenda for the planning council meeting should be released this Friday, Feb 12.

I do wish the editing of the piece included what my actual issue is with the situation. 10 Barrel (AB-InBev) has requested building code exemptions to modify the building well beyond what is usually allowed in this area of town. I do not feel our city should give any exemptions to a corporation that already has the advantage of economies of scale. I don’t think we, as citizens, can really stop 10 Barrel or AB from opening a business in San Diego, but our city doesn’t need to make it easier on them.

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