SD BeerTalk Radio about #IndieBeer and 10 Barrel

SDBeerTalk_Light_BackgroundLast week, while recording a show with the What’s on Draft TV guys, Greg and I took sometime in the middle of the show to address some hot topics, mainly #InideBeer and our opposition to 10 Barrel. We also squeeze some current beer news in there. Have a listen and let me know your thoughts on any of the topics we discuss.

There are definitely those outside of San Diego that are seriously vocal about opposing the hashtag, and that’s their right as Americans. I’m stoked the conversation has grown but want to remind everyone we’re talking about beer and hashtag here; I think we can take the seriousness down a peg. I’m fully aware this conversation is not for everyone, but for those that produce, support, and love craft beer this is an important discussion and I hope that aspect of the situation continues.

The message of knowledge and supporting quality, independent breweries (when you can/want) is what’s important here, not a perception of what you think #IndieBeer is or should be. We’ve made a decision about what we want to support, nothing more (or less).

2 thoughts on “SD BeerTalk Radio about #IndieBeer and 10 Barrel”

  1. To me, it is more than a beer preference and a hashtag. It is about principles. You have ways of driving other beers out of the market other than being a better beer. You hide the fact that you come from a huge corporation. Is it unfair? No. It’s business, but it’s also my money, and with that I can be unfair. I was a drinker when the main three were Bud, Coors and Miller. Even with other choices, they were pretty much offshoots of the Big 3. Then, Pete’s Wicked Ale came along, and it was amazing. One of the Big 3 tried Red Wolf, and there was hope that if one company could make a quality beer a viable product, that others like that one would follow and improve their beers. I really do not want any company having total or most of the control over what I drink. I think this is the real issue here, not that they’re making a craft beer, but they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for commenting. You have a very solid point about the deceptive marketing and business practices of those companies. I was a big fan Pete’s Wicked, their closing was very unfortunate. I also completely agree that one of the greatest strengths of the craft beer industry is the variety provided by roughly 4000 independent breweries. Thank you for joining the conversation.

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