Four San Diego Craft Breweries in top 50 for 2015

BA-top-50The Brewers Association just released their top 50 breweries of the year report (based on sales). Four, amazing, San Diego breweries made the list! They also put together this awesome map of the breweries’ locations, click it open to be able to read it.

Ranking highest, and a shock to no one that pays attention to the industry here in SD, is Stone Brewing coming in at the 10th spot, although they fell one spot, and traded places with Minhas Brewing in Wisconsin. With the biggest rise up the list, Ballast Point comes in at 11th, rising from 31st in 2014. Rising a respectable 7 spots from 2014, Green Flash finished 2015 as the 41st largest craft brewery. Karl Strauss makes the list at 46th.

In the list of the 50 biggest breweries (not just craft), Stone comes in at 15th, Ballast Point lands at 17th, and Green Flash gets the nod at 49th!

Wait, man, you told us Ballast Point wasn’t craft anymore, what gives? Well, you’re totally right, but we’re counting them for 2015 because 10/12ths of the year they were still independent. Next year they will no longer be considered craft. Locally, they were removed from the San Diego Brewers Guild due to their sale to Constellation Brands and no longer meeting the current definition of craft beer, as determined by the Brewers Association.

Congratulations to all the San Diego breweries that made the list. I think it’s pretty amazing that we have more of the top 50 breweries than any other region in the USA, more data backing up that we are the Capital of Craft! Heck, only Colorado, as a state, had more top 50 breweries than our hometown, and only by one.

In conclusion, San Diego craft beer continues to be the most successful region in the country. We have world class beer here in our city and the country/world is noticing. Continue supporting your favorite breweries, it’s working to drive the success of our entire area!

For the complete Top 50 list from the Brewers Association, click here.

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