The Fourth Annual Sore Eye Cup – San Diego’s Best Craft Beer

SoreEyeCup2015Welcome to the launch of The 4th Annual Sore Eye Cup, an award for the best regularly produced craft beer in San Diego! Last year was a resounding success, Speedway Stout from AleSmith won for the second time in three years and is now the only member of the Sore Eye Cup Hall of Fame! While Speedway will not be eligible for the Cup moving forward, it will always hold the esteem of being the first multi winner and the first member of the Hall. The reward of dominance, this honor is bestowed upon AleSmith, for perpetuity, without the possibility denial!

We will honor the winning craft beer with an actual cup (over 64oz capacity)! At the announcement party we’ll fill it up with the winning beer and the winning brewery will drink from the cup right then, as is tradition! The winners can then bask in the glory of victory and have bragging rights for an entire year!

Here are the rules: Beers nominated must be brewed here in San Diego County by a licensed, independent, craft brewery (If you’re a homebrewer I’m more than willing to try your beer, anytime, maybe even trade for some of mine). They must be beers the brewery makes year round; seasonal, special versions, one offs and casks are not allowed. The beers do not need to be packaged (cans or bottles), just made all year long and available for growler fills (so we can get some to judge). We’re looking for superior craft beers that are available to everyone in SD.

Nominate your favorite beer(s) by emailing me at, tweet me (@SoreEyeSuds) , tag your nomination #SoreEyeCup in Twitter, comment on the post in Facebook, or comment right here on this post. Nominations are open until the end of June, and then we will move into the voting round. Voting will run form July 1st – 16th.

The top ten beers, as voted by you, the best followers on earth, will be blind tasted/judged by our panel of 10. The judges range from craft beer enthusiasts to certified beer judges and cicerones. We are truly looking for the best, regularly produced craft beer San Diego has to offer. The best craft beer, as chosen by us, will be awarded the esteemed Sore Eye Cup and receive all the prestige and glory one blog can bestow upon a brewery! There will be an awesome party on August 6th, 2pm, at the legendary Toronado to celebrate the amazing craft beer culture we have in San Diego and announce the 2016 winner of the Sore Eye Cup!

Current Nominations:

Hop Boxed, Duet, Nelson, Hoppy Birthday and Captain Stout from Alpine Beer Co.
.394, X Extra Pale and Nut Brown from AleSmith
Mosaic Session Ale, Red Trolley & Aurora Hoppyalis from Karl Strauss
Plenty for All, Green Hat, Magical & Delicious Beer Named Sue, Mittens & 2am Bike Ride from Fall
Brewer’s Special Brown, Pure & Simple, Explorer, and Zumbar from New English
Blazing World & City of the Dead from Modern Times
The Cake is a Lie from Intergalactic
Lupulin Lust from Rip Current
Grapefruit Solis, Habitus, My Other Vise, and Claritas from Hess
Harlot, Pupil, Publican, Apprentice & Coachman from Societe
Boo Koo from Mother Earth
Octo Rye from Pacific Brewing
West Coast IPA, Tangerine Soul Style, and Passion Fruit Kicker from Green Flash
Swami’s, Kook and Ponto from Pizza Port
Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewing
Stingray IPA and Islander from Coronado
Tabula Rasa and Seize the IPA from Second Chance
Dark Seas and Plunder from Mission
Bear Cookie from Bear Roots
Table Beer, IPA, Brown Ale, and Oatmeal Stout from Benchmark
Gavel Drop and Bully Pulpit from Council
Dankness Visible, Holy the Voyd, Banksy, Circle of Hops, & Hopmata from Burning Beard
Weiss from ChuckAlek
Fenris IPA from Barrel Harbor
Three Beagles and Stout Your Engines from Bagby
5pm Session from Abnormal
Sour Superintendent from Division 23
Vanilla Porter and Blood Orange IPA from Latitude 33
Elemental Pilsner from Lightning
Devotion, Inferno, and Judgement Day from Lost Abbey
Board Meeting, Mongo, and Shark Attack from Port Brewing
Infinitude from San Diego Brewing
OG HighPA from Thorn Street
San Diego Pale from Bay City
Cucumberliner and Purple Drink from Toolbox

13 thoughts on “The Fourth Annual Sore Eye Cup – San Diego’s Best Craft Beer”

  1. Hoping these are mainstay beers, but if not -sorry! Decided to go with my go to beers if I’m bouncing around:

    Modern Times Blazing World, Stone Bourbon Barrel Aged AB, mikkeller rauchbier (breakfast something?), fall brewing smoked schwarz (sorry brian I’m terrible with the names), Mike Hess my other vice Berliner weiss

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