Thank You! Sore Eye Sudsmas was a resounding success!

You did it! You helped me smash this year’s goal of collecting 5,000 lbs of food for the San Diego Food Bank and I’m beyond grateful to every single person that helped make it possible by donating money, food, time or all the above!

Sore Eye Sudsmas, in its 4th year of being part of Societe Brewing’s month long food drive, has now far eclipsed what I thought would ever be possible. I’m humbled by the generosity of the indie beer industry and community here in San Diego, and extremely touched by the amount of help we provided those in need.

The final total of food donated to the SD Food Bank at Sore Eye Sudsmas was an amazing 5,631 lbs!

We brought in 2,058 lbs more than last year, marking the second year in a row we’ve increased by a ton over the previous year. I have no idea how we’ll surpass this (I said that last year too though) total next year.

I could not have done this alone, I had a lot of help. Big thank yous to Chris Bush, Amy June, and Dante Fraioli who helped me distribute food collection containers and signage on November 11th. Big thank yous to Mobile West Canning, Brown Bag Beverage, Chris Prell, Carol Taddeo, What’s On Draft, Katie Earl, Greg Littrell, Esthela Ojeda, Casey Grounds, and Tom Pritchard (from 3B Zine) for helping me with food pickups and purchasing.

Thirdly (is that even English?), another round of giant thank yous to all the businesses that participated by being a collection location! This part of the drive brought in more than 1700 lbs! They were: Alpine Brewing Tasting Room, 32 North, Green Flash, Pariah, Eppig, Longship, Rouleur, Hess (all 3 locations!), Plan 9 Alehouse, Second Chance (both locations!),Thr3e Punks, Groundswell (both locations!), Lost Abbey/Port, Thorn (both locations!), Burgeon, Arcana, Savagewood, County Wide/Tap CraftToolbox Seven Caves, The Homebrewer/Home Brew Co.  Pizza Port (Bressi Ranch), and Rip Current !

The triangle of Sudsmas donations broke down like this, 1884 lbs of food purchased from Cost Co. (photo above) with $794.00 donated! 1755 lbs of food dropped off at the 28 collection locations listed above! A staggering 1992 lbs brought in by the attendees of the Sore Eye Sudsmas party!

I only have one more thing to say, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

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  1. We at Societe Brewing would like to echo the thankful sentiment. Thank you so much to all of the generous donors for helping out our neighbors in need. You continue to blow us away with your incredible spirit. Cheers and happy holidays!

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