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  1. my 1st step on the my 1st step on the stairs is right and my right foot is my front foot so im goofy fooetd?but im better at kiking a ball (for exaple) with my right foot so does having my left foot on my tail make it harder to ollie? srry for this dumb question i just started

    1. Having your right foot forward does make your stance goofy. When choosing which stance to skate I think you should focus on which foot you have better balance on and put that as your front foot. If, for example, it’s easier to stand on your left foot only switch to a regular stance and push with your right. The key is to focus on what feels natural at first and not worry about names like goofy or regular. In the future we won’t call out stances anyways, it will just be left or right skating. Good luck and I hope I helped.

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