Sore Eye Sudsmas Returns December 10th!

soreeyessudsmasbannerCome celebrate the holidays! You have supported me all year and this is my chance to give back to you by throwing a great party at one of the most exceptional breweries in our city, Societe Brewing! Bring non-perishable food to donate to the food drive. Our food drive bolsters Societe Brewings’s Annual food drive. San Diego Food Bank will be the benefactor, so your help is staying right here in SD! RSVP here! Continue reading “Sore Eye Sudsmas Returns December 10th!”

Book Review: Brewing Local by Stan Hieronymus

Brewing Local by Hieronymus.jpgFirst off, thank you to the Brewers Association for sending me a copy of this great publication to review; I truly appreciate it! Secondly, breaking news, I do read actual books! I know in this day and age people think that publications are obsolete, however, I still completely enjoy the advantages of having a physical book, namely, you don’t have to worry about a battery running out, the flight attendant can’t make you turn it off, you can bend the corner of pages you want to review in the future, and you can add notes in the margins if you want. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s the official info for this book:

Brewing Local: American-grown beer by Stan Hieronymus
Published by the Brewers Publications (a division of the Brewers Association)
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First video episode of SD BeerTalk

The awesome guys at What’s On Draft TV filmed our episode about them and pushed it out on their Vimeo channel. Thanks to them, you can see exactly how we do our show. We talk about what WODTV is about, their upcoming launch, the party this Saturday at Culture OB, and then they flip the script and interview us about having a show. Grab a great #IndieBeer , get comfortable and enjoy!


T.V. Interview About Possible 10 Barrel Brewpub

Here’s the news piece I was part of. You’ll have a chance to voice your concerns (or support) at a planning meeting on February 17th. The project will be presented to the Downtown Community Planning Council, any member of the public can attend and comment. I will definitely be there and it appears the San Diego Brewers Guild will also attend.  The agenda for the planning council meeting should be released this Friday, Feb 12.

I do wish the editing of the piece included what my actual issue is with the situation. 10 Barrel (AB-InBev) has requested building code exemptions to modify the building well beyond what is usually allowed in this area of town. I do not feel our city should give any exemptions to a corporation that already has the advantage of economies of scale. I don’t think we, as citizens, can really stop 10 Barrel or AB from opening a business in San Diego, but our city doesn’t need to make it easier on them.

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A couple months ago, while discussing the billion dollar purchase of Ballast Point, my friends over at the Three B Zine podcast coined a hashtag, #IndieBeer, to represent their preference for supporting quality, independent breweries here in San Diego. To listen to the show where it all happened, click here. This sentiment rang true with me, my partner at SD BeerTalk Radio, Perfect Pour Pod, A Pint of Hoppiness, and several others.

I wrote about it then, $1 Billion for Ballast Point and the Birth of #IndieBeer, and received some great feedback from people here in SD both in and out of the craft beer industry.

IndieBeertag_t670Two months passed, and other than a core group of us using the hashtag, it, like most things on the internet went mainly unnoticed. When we began speaking out about a proposed 10 Barrel Brewpub in downtown, Ian Anderson authored “Craft is dead. Now we drink Indie Beer”. Before I go any further, I want to thank Ian for writing the article and mentioning us, we are totally stoked about that!

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